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Mole and Grub Control



We offer bush hogging as a basic service and also as periodic maintenance. We have two bush hogging methods available; tractors with conventional tow behind units and skid-steers with high flow hydraulic mowing decks.

Basic applications include right of way clearing, pasture restoration, invasive's removal, and commercial or residential property maintenance. We apply the same high standard of expertise, reliability and accountability that we bring to all of our other services. We can offer maintenance contracts for clients who have periodic clearing needs or service that one time only need.


Grub Grubs feed on the tender roots of grass which kills the plant from the ground up.

Grubs are the beginning stage of beetles, such as the Japanese beetle. When the beetles begin to reproduce the female lays her eggs in the soil of the lawn.

One female can lay between 40 - 60 eggs over a period of weeks. When the eggs hatch, the young grubs begin to feed. Each grub is about 1" long when fully grown and lies in a curled “C” position.

In late autumn, the grubs burrow down 4" to 8" into the soil and remain inactive all winter. The grub spends about 10 months of the year in the soil in the larval stage.

Then in late summer grubs then begin to feed and cause damage to the lawn. Oftentimes, grubs go unnoticed because they live beneath the surface and are only discovered when the signs of damage begin to be seen. Damage appears as brown, dry, and brittle patches of grass.

Premier Lawn & Tree Care offers a grub control treatment that will attack the grubs when they are most vulnerable and before they can cause damage to your lawn. The treatment targets grubs and does not harm other beneficial insects that lives in your soil.

We also offer an organic option for Grub control called Milky Spore. Please call our office for more information.

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